MusikMesse 2016

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MusikMesse 2016 has been a really tiring but rewarding experience! People showed real interest, everybody loved the design of the machines, the fact that we let them look inside the gear and the great advantage of digital control. On top of all this, many top level brands were really impressed and opened room for potential collaborations. Here’s some photos for you.


As you can see, the plexiglass cover for the Sum Adjust summing amps an for GAIN, our mic preamp gave a gorgeous look to the gear. People even asked if we had a special Designer! Well, we are our own!



Technical Director Claudio Furno is giving a demonstration of the products and the real advantage of this gear: Digital Control via VST/AAX plug-in.


As you can see the LEDs of the machine in the rack correspond to the settings of the plug-in in Reaper.



And here’s the MusikMesse 2016 Teknosign team in full! Fabrizio, Riccardo, Gianni, Claudio and Italo. Thank you guys!!