Our adventure begins as Teknosign in 2011 but its history dates back far more distant. The two founders Claudio Furno and Riccardo Angeletti are known to each other for over 25 years. They have different experiences in the electronics business and decided to synchronize energies and put them into practice in the new ‘Teknosign’ brand.

Claudio Furno is both a musician/music producer and audio electronics designer for over 30 years. During his career he always divided his work between his recording studio and the activity of freelance designer of professional audio gear. Over the years, Claudio has achieved hundreds of musical productions in various genres such as synthetic pop, dance, house, techno, tribal and ambient published around the world. At the same time he has developed many innovative products that he also used and tested directly in his studio. He designed many personal audio products for big companies of the audio business as Generalmusic, RCF, LEM, GEM, Davoli, MIZAR and others. Products range from preamplifiers, equalizers, compressors, feedback suppressors, audio matrix, power amplifiers, midi controllers, VCA automation systems up to mixer and PA Systems.

In 1992 – in collaboration with GeneralMusic – he designed and built the first and real Total Recall digitally controlled analog mixer, led by Atari’s software platform. At the time considered a revolution both in terms of digital control and in terms of sound quality: the Sound Engineer. The vast experience in the field of digitally controlled analog audio has led them to define Teknosign’s true Mission.


A young Claudio playing the drums (Bassdrum Meazzi, Cymbal Paiste and Snare + Electronics toms by Simmons) in his first small studio in 1984 in Ceparana, La Spezia.

Riccardo Angeletti has always been involved in the field of electronic production. His father had a company of printed circuit boards in the 70’s that was one of the largest nationwide. He entered in the company really young and then became the Director. Later in the 2000s he founded together with his wife another company of electronic assembly (Elettronica Service). In recent years, in addition to making third parts assembly, the company is looking to produce something of its own: a line of professional audio gear.

Therefore, combining the industrial structure in the production of printed circuit boards of Riccardo’s with the extensive experience in the field of analogue gear with digital control of Claudio they have come to define the true Teknosign mission.