Teknosign’s mission is quite straightforward: bringing top handcrafted audio gear quality to the industrial level. Our products reflect not only the passion we have for music but also that for detail. We are Italians and we never forget it.


Research and development, design, prototyping, printed circuit board manufacturing, assembling (both traditional and with surface mounted technology) and testing (Optical & Laser) are all carried out in our 1700 m2 building. This handcrafting spirit developed on a bigger scale is what brings to you the best analog sound you can imagine.


But we are also looking forward. Our mission is in fact to bring a pure analog sound – as pure as it was in its best years – into the reality of today’s recording studios. This is possible by providing machines that have an analog heart but can be digitally controlled. This means having both the benefits of an analog sound (Color, Warmth, Depth and Contour) and those of a Digital Audio Workstation (Automation, User-Friendliness, Storage, Editing, Recording, Total Recall, etc).


It will simply be the best of both worlds.