What James from Pro Tools expert tell about Teknosign’s Gain

… this time it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the two-channel gain mic pre from Teknosign and I’m not saying that right I do apologize now it’s a mic pre and you’re going to think: “why another one?” but Teknosign’s Gain really has something special to offer.

You can see quality very often, but you can feel it in the Gain.
You can hear it in the form of all the relays and electronics that go into all the switches and relays and all the analog loveliness doing their job in the background.

Teknosign’s Gain it’s a two channel mic and it also has this very sizable power transformer on top or kind of a power supply.

We have our gain control with an amazing sound coming from the attenuator all the way down to 63 DB of attenuation plans and power 20 DB attenuator switch as well phase reverse and the mic stroke line and instrument level switch. It’s very very simple to use.

Lovely to me is in the middle doing what meters do and of course we’ve got eight memories, which we can store very very cool as well and we can recall them.

We have a main output on XLR, we have the line stroke instrument input on quarter inch jack, we have a main mic input and we have the split output allowing us to route separate devices simultaneously .

And of course, in the middle, we have the connection for the power supply; this beast up here and we have the USB output or input depending how you look at it now. The cleverness and the beauty come in when you start to combine gain boost with attenuation, you can start driving that analog circuit quite hard actually and get some really nice tonality so that’s what we’ve done in the track .

This time we’ve gone very rock and roll it’s kind of a homage to ‘Queen’ and ‘Guns and Roses’ and all those sort of noises and you’re going to wonder how I recorded an entire drum kit we’re just two channels well it’s very simple.

But also what makes them very interesting is on the back of Teknosign’s Gain is a USB port which means we can hook it up to our mac or pc and with the software that comes with it actually have a on-screen representation of exactly what’s going on here so we’ve got complete control of our mic pre also digitally.

I’ll be very sad to see go but sadly this one’s going to have to leave me…

But enjoy the track !

Review – Teknosign Gain 2 Channel Microphone Pre-Amplifier