“This company produce high quality audio gear all handmade in Italy, and you know well that Made in Italy is the equivalent of Quality! Today i’m going to introduce you to the Teknosign Sum Adjust Junior. From the first hour of usage i immediately feel a bigger stereo image in the mix down, better transient response, more accurate dynamic, better separation between instrument and better details and also a more deep and rich frequency response. From an engineering point of view this is an highly rated piece of gear that anyone must have… It’s a premium product and it feels solid and compact… The buttons works perfectly and the knob is precise and smooth like butter. One of the greatest feature of this product is the ability to control it also with the plug in directly from your DAW. I took some days to test the machine in any way possible and to understand better the features and sound qualities of this box. I can say that i fall in love for its sound and flexibility. The ability to control all the feature from a plug in is marvellous. Also the ability to recall very fast and automatically all the settings used on every session is great! No more time to setup the machine to make it sound identical to the previous session. About the sound i’m very impressed and i absolutely love the gear, especially when pushed properly. I can tell you that the more you push the level in the Teknosign Sum Adjust Lt the more you’ll hear the sound of the machine and the beauty of the analog circuitry.” MATTIA MAGI